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Cozy Corner


Location :1-23 Kawamuko-cho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-0965
Space Layout & Design








Location :Akasaka Tokyo
Room Space Layout & Design




KAILUA Original Lamp


Steel:Enameled finish.
Design: Brass parts are assembled in a simple shape.
We are going to release seasonally different versions of this lamp by changing the brass parts shapes every season.
Retail Price:JP\20,000(+tax)-

Please directly contact us by e-mail using the contact information below.




Model Rooms in Various Styles


We proudly suggest, design and construct various types of model rooms in condominiums that fully satisfy your needs.
Please directly contact us by e-mail using the contact information below.
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Location :Setagaya
Room Space Layout & Design

Equipment Design/Production:OLD MAISON
Equipment Design/Production:PACO IRONWORKS
Work:Tokyo Shop Layout

A gallery has been newly opened in a quiet residential area in Setagaya.
Its walls, originally finished with white plaster, show to visitors a wonderful and unique beauty generated by their own aging.
This gallery is available as a rent-free space for multipurpose.






English-written Road Signs or Destination Indications, which were used on bus routes or in subway lines in USA,
are uniquely paneled for sale. They come with frames and in various sizes. Please call us for details if you want to buy any of them.

Prices:JP\40,000.- ~ JP\100,000(+tax)







1F_Café/ 2F_Shop/3F_Studio

Location:1F, Green Tokugawa-R, 2-11-5, Tokugawa, Higashi, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

A local whole old building has been renovated and innovatively designed into a café on the 1st floor,
a furniture & stylish shop on the 2nd floor, and an architecture show room (studio) on the 3rd floor,
proposing customers how to have a good quality of living style.

This renovated building is owned by an architecture company that proudly offers you a wide range of services such as new house building,
house renovation, shop layout/ design and construction.